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    If you feel that Duromine could help you lose weight where other methods have failed, your first step should be to discuss it with your doctor. Although not every doctor is willing to prescribe Duromine, some doctors will accept the fact that this weight loss medication can help you budge the stubborn weight, when it becomes a severe health risk and you have already tried to cope with it unsuccessfully through standard methods.

    If your doctor does not prescribe Duromine, you might find a weight loss clinic in your local area, which is willing to dispense prescriptions for this drug. However, a Duromine prescription from a weight loss clinic will generally be more expensive.

    Please carefully study 4 options, provided below:
    1. Our Forum provides an opportunity to buy Duromine directly from the Single time sellers and proven wholesalers without a doctor's prescription (Premium Members only).It is indeed the best option for you simply because all Premium Sellers went through a strict cheking. Besides, many of them work directly from Australia, which automatically excludes all customs issue. In addition, you have a unique opportunity to choose local pickup and meeting with the seller.
    2. You can buy brand Duromine and Generic Phentermine on the proven resource. This is the latest resource that the Forum team found and checked for the ability to deliver the goods.
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    3. You can apply to the services of Instagram sellers, who mostly ship from the Philippines, South Africa and China. 90% of parcels fail to pass the AU customs. Buyers receive Good-luck letters and nothing else, since sellers usually provide no Money Back.
    4. You can buy PhenQ, which is considered to be one of the best non-prescription natural alternatives to Duromine.
    You can buy Duromine online with a prescription on the following online pharmacies:
    Important Notes:
    • Before you place an order on an unknown and unproven resource, search for reviews about the site that you choose to make sure that it is not a scam website. You can check out the list of scammers that our Forum users dealt with.
    • When you buy from Single-time sellers, which are not checked by the Forum Team, it is important to remember about the safety of your data and money. Thus, the general safety measure is to always pay via PayPal. This provides certain guarantees from the attempts of fraud.
    Be cautious, fraudsters can often disguise under simple Forum users. The Forum administration bears no responsibility for the actions of users. provided the above material for informational purposes only. Act based solely on your discretion. shall bear no liability for the decisions that you take.
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    oh darling Kate it's so good to see you again!
    how long has it been? 4 years?

    you are so right about AU customs,
    they have become water tight over recent times..

    and doctors these days have treated us like criminals!
    i was sitting in front of a doctor the other day in fact,
    and they wanted me to jump through hoops, do this? and do that?
    i felt like i was at work! hahaha

    anyway i've been doing this a long time,
    so if anyone has any questions or need any help i am here to help.

    also if you guys see anyone who you think may be a scammer?
    please let me know straight away!
    my team "The Slayers" will take care of it..

    like forever, i am never far away..

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    Oh my! What do you have to do these days just to get your weight loss aid!

    This is probably because not many doctors know about the actual effectiveness of this medication. Huh.

    I hope that now, everyone who truly needs it and is a good candidate for its use, will get it no problem and achieve their healthy weight level!
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