How fast is 40MG duromine suppose to work? A little concerned...

Discussion in 'Duromine Questions and Answers' started by Jeff, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hi all,

    Just wondering how long duromine takes to work?

    Bit of my background..I'm a 28 year old, 170KG male. I've been on 40MG duromine for 2 days now and I have still been hungry. I haven't been interested in food since I started but I've still been hungry. Its like I don't want the food and the thought of it makes me want to be sick but the cravings are over powering the duromine.

    I can understand being the size that I am could make the pills take a little longer to work but in just curious to see if anyone else has experienced this?

    Only side-effects that I've had are 3 hours sleep last night, dry mouth with a bad taste and some slight signs of depression.

    Thanks guys :)
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    Hi, Jeff

    Maybe you need to eat more protein and carbs foods for breakfast? E.g.: eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, or even a chicken sandwich. It is important even if you want to lose weight. Duromine should eliminate hunger, but sometimes it takes up to a week to get used to the pills. Because if you your problem was overeating, then your body just can't handle that strict diet so soon. You should teach it little by little, without stress. Start with your usual meals but make the portions smaller and avoid fatty, fried, high-carb foods (I am sure you know your personal bad food choices better than I do). Please don't starve yourself!

    Just my guess;)
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    Aug 5, 2015
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    Hi Jeff,
    I'm onto week two on 30mg, and I also felt those hunger pangs for the first week...but they've gone now, and it's much easier. Dry mouth with bad taste is also a common side effect apparently. Drink plenty of water and try chewing gum to help with the taste. Good luck!
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