Holiday Dieting: How To Survive A Vacation

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    If you’re headed out for a summer getaway this year, one thing that you need to take into account is how to manage your eating so that you don’t pack on the pounds. Nothing is worse than coming home from vacation and having to go on a diet for a few weeks to regain your former body back.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy yourself on that vacation however – you just have to know how to do so wisely. Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top tips to remember with regards to how you can stick to your diet while on vacation.

    Choose One ‘Cheat’ Meal A Day

    The very first thing that you should be doing is choosing to have just one cheat meal a day. If you know that you’re going to be going out for a fancy dinner for instance, try and cut back on the other meals during the day so that you can strive for calorie balance.
    • You can indulge in that one meal as long as the others are smaller since then you will still reach your calorie target for the day.
    • Keep the other meals more protein and vegetable based so you’ll still meet your nutritional needs but allow for extra ‘leeway’ calories in that chosen meal you will indulge at.
    Watch Your Beverages Carefully

    Second, also keep tabs on your beverages each day as well. This is where much of the weight that’s gained on holidays comes from. If you’re indulging in high calorie cocktail like beverages, this is going to really add up and spell diet disaster over time.

    Likewise, if you down soda or fruit juice, those calories tend to add up quickly as well. Stay away from them so that you have more calories to spend on the foods that you want to consume.

    Pick Up Some Smart Snacks

    Finally, the last thing that you can do to help maintain your diet while you’re away on vacation is to pick up some smart snacks. Rather than going for whatever you can find when you hit the local gas station or convenience bar at your resort, store a few healthier snacks in your hotel room.
    This way, when you need refueling, you can just head up there and pick up something that will help promote optimal health rather than hinder it.

    • Pick up some low-sugar cereal to snack on, pop top cans of tuna, nuts or natural nut butter with whole wheat crackers, or some fresh fruit.

    If you happen to have a mini-fridge available in your room, that will also really broaden the food choices that are available to you. The more often you can eat foods that you know the exact nutrition of, the better off you’ll be.

    So there you have the few quick tips to remember so that you can maintain your diet while away on holidays. Keep these in mind and you should be able to return home looking just as great as when you left – possibly better with a tan!
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