Holding Myself Accountable

Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by KaylaLouise, Sep 3, 2014.

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    I've been a little MIA the last couple of days.

    So far this week I've gained rather than lost and I can definitely pinpoint why, I've had a couple of bad days of eating.

    Usually over the weekend i will treat myself to something delish however this weekend I went a little overboard including a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers and chips and cheese cake.

    If that wasn't bad enough on Monday night there was a bbq I attended and instead of just having one sausage sizzle I snacked on chips and dips, lollies and ate dessert.

    I do realize that both times I was actually really hungry as it had been so long since I'd eaten so that's already not a good place to be in, like they say don't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, also don't go to bbq on an empty stomach when the cooking of the main meal hasn't started yet.

    Usually I'm so good at saying no and not giving into temptation like for last 2 weeks I've had a packet of M&M's sitting on my desk given to me as a thank you by a work colleague and not once have I thought of opening it.

    All that being said it's time to knuckle down and refocus and for me the first part of that is admitted where I went wrong to you.

    Now for some good news I found some photos that I had taken a few months back before being on duromine and though I should do a progress shot to see if i can see any difference. I downloaded an app that you can make collages or in my case put two photos next to one another.
    I've edited them so my outline is a little clearer. Excuse the background in one, I was playing around with the all the options. Any who here are the pics
    PhotoGrid_1409661342498.jpg PhotoGrid_1409660731119.jpg
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    Its good to hold yourself accountable but remember you are only human. Last weekend was my first weekend on this journey and I already found it hard. My boyfriend is super supportive but he loves us to cook together - huge meals and also having a drink or 5 lol

    You have done well the first pic especially! Look at that :)
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    Awwwwwww it's ok, just jump back on the wagon :) I have caved a few times, and like you I think I've had a bad week! Ate ok, but my sneaky peak on the scales was not great! Oh well...
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    Hey Kayla remember this is your journey you make the rules :laughing: It's true we are human and we like food lol ...life's not perfect and neither are we... Ok you had your chips cheese crackers you enjoyed them great...forgive yourself ;) Today's a new days fresh start .. Have a fabulous week stay strong stay motivated ...you can do this ;)
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