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    Mar 15, 2012
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    Finally weighed myself last night with my neighbour’s electronic scale, this was after I went to Mr Price Home and purchased one, which was faulty…must go and return it today. I weighed 89.8kg. Last night was a bit hectic, continuously got hunger pangs and severe cravings for Fruit & Bulgarian Yoghurt. Eventually at about 11pm ended up with a bowl of Bulgarian yoghurt. I was not hungry at all for food, just FRUIT (seems a bit weird). Only got to sleep at about 3am, even though my body was exhausted, but my mind would not switch off.

    Was up again by 3.20am. I don’t at all feel energized, my body feels exhausted, but even if I had to try and take a nap, I would not be able to sleep.

    Today, I continuously also got hunger pangs, but a little food did the trick

    7.30am : 1 weetbix + fat free milk + muesli
    10.30am : bowl of Bulgarian yoghurt
    12.00 : bowl of Butternut Soup + 2 slices Low GI Bread (toasted)

    Now I feel hungry again, but I don’t know what for…. definately not food. My extreme sweet tooth has disappeared completely, and I would normally have about 1.5 cooldrink + sweets + chocolates a day.
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    Hi Fatima

    I'm also from SA, Richards Bay. We can encourage and motivate each other. I started Duromine 15mg on Tues (13/03), today is Sunday and I've lost 2.1Kg. Need to lose another 12.5Kg. Good Luck, I hope you do well. Stay of the goodies! :)
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