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Discussion in 'Men's Corner' started by jDad4509, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    I kicked my Duromine journey off this morning and am waiting to see how I go.

    Keen to hear form any other guys out there and how you have gone on her journey of weight control.
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    Hi jDad,

    Well like you I just started my Duromine Journey, however this is my second time around. The first time I did really well, lost about 18kgs in 12~13 weeks. (I have a very physical manual labour job).

    I went off them for a while as I kind of got to my goal weightish!....But in the last 8 months, i have put on nearly 8kgs.

    When your on duromine, its great. You dont feel hungry, but you know you have to eat. If and when i go off them again, I will be going to see a dietitian for a healthy eating plan.

    I have the dreaded 'man boobs' that i want to loose. (But ive had them since i was 8, so I think its more breast tissue than fat).

    As for side effects, I really only had the whole thirsty thing and still do now. Im on my 5th day, and feeling great.

    I found that it's much easier to set simple goals, like 'I'm going to loose 1kg or 2kg this week.'. Weigh yourself on a monday or when ever, mark it on the calender with your weight, then in 1 week or 2 weeks time weigh yourself again at the same time.

    It's more for a visual aide in helping you see results. I found that by doing this i was getting excited as I could see the Kg's coming off each week. And that made me more determined to keep going.

    Don't give up on your goals/dreams. Keep going you will get there.

    Talk soon.
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