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Aug 23, 2012
Hey guys and girls, I'm from South-Africa, I'm male, 20 years old, weigh about 121 kg, 1.8m tall and gym 5 times a week, hitting the weights.

I've always have this stomach witch I just could not shake, my upper body (shoulders, arms, etc.) is build, but guess its because of my eating habbits that I don't get the weight-loss I'm looking for.

All my friends is looking good and I thought to myself its time for a change, so I got my duromine and a good dieet and workout plan and I'm looking foward to the results, only thing I'm wondering about is, about after my 2-3 month's is done and I stop using it, will I gain my kg's back? or will it stay off aslong I stay on the right course? and do I need to dieet with the tablets or just eat little meals because of the appetite suppresing effects? I would really love to get a view tips on this before starting my course of duromine =)

Thanks a lot, this is a awesome forum and looking foward to post my results in the future ^_^