Hey ALL!!

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    Hey everyone!

    I just bought my first box of Duromine 15mg tablets around 15 minutes ago, I am so nervous

    I used to be an awesome 70kg, full fitness freak, did pump and spin classes DAILY..."

    I recently had surgery and went off the wagon BIG TIME, I am now at 103kg and my doctor told me my BMI is over 30 so he prescribed these.

    I am going to give them a go, just a tad nervous!
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    Hi Miss Skittles! (luv the name BTW!)

    First thing I want to say is - dont be nervous! EMBRACE the change that you are about to make for yourself, your new body and your new life!

    I am on day 12 of 15mg and I wish I hadnt have stressed myself so much at the start! I was googling every bit of info i could find - reading up on everyones different experiences and side effects - and in the end I think I drove myself mad!!!

    I will be honest with you, it took me about 5 or 6 nights before i could get to sleep properly and not feel like my eyelids wanted to go hip hop dancing. And I really put that down to the fact that everyone complains about lack of sleep - so I was lying in bed psyching myself to sleep - which of course meant I would stay awake!

    The other bad thing was the dry bad taste in my mouth, but that stopped after about a week too, and its made me drink heaps of water and give up my 5 coffee a day habit so thats gotta be good right??!

    Everyone is going to feel differently - you just need to take them, then forget about it and not stress over it. Thats my best advice!

    oh yeah - my stats are: Im a 31 year old mother of one...I weighed 85.5kg on day1 - and today at day 12 I weigh 81.8 soooo total loss of: 3.7kgs.

    It works - you just gotta eat smart and look after yourself! AND dont stress!!!

    Good luck - you can do it!
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