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    I’ve been on Duromine before many years ago and lost a lot of weight but after having kids and not eating well or exercising, the weight has piled on.
    I’m on day 2 of Duromine, although I lost 2kg in a week on my own before getting the script. I haven’t had any bad side effects besides the dry mouth and I’m sleeping well.
    It has been hard to remember to eat regularly so I make sure I pre plan my meals and have everything ready. Breakfast is a meal replacement shake, banana at around 10.30am, lunch is salad with tuna or chicken and dinner is some type of meat with veggies or salad. Not sure if I’ve got enough food going in yet but so far so good. I’m drinking only water and allowing myself a Coke Zero if I feel like something bubbly.
    Any advice would be great!
    My first goal is to get under 80kg in this first week. My ultimate goal would be to get to high 60kgs by mid December but ultimately my motivation is to wear skinny jeans without a long cardigan hiding my butt!
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    Hiya @Anka80 welcome to the forums!

    Your sound as though you are doing really well, and I love your food plan!

    I really recommend tracking your food intake (if your not already), on apps like "My Fitness Pal" or "Lose It" - for me they help keep me accountable and give me a good break down into what I am putting into my body.

    I crave hot drinks - especially coffee - (addict here so trying to wean myself lol) so I quite often just have a hot water with lemon - which surprisingly I don't mind. I even flavour my water with the same - lemon, lime or orange as I like the citrus taste.

    I am trying to implement some Keto elements into my diet - as I dont do well with carbs, so if you want any recipes just shout out and will post them :)
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