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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by kazzaap, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Well I am going to give duromine another go, I am just piling on the weight and have to do something...

    Recently I started on the 30mg the first day was great and then it just got so that they did nothing at all so I stopped. O then went onto 40mg and to my disappointment they did the same worked for a couple of days and then nothing my doc has since told me that they may not be working that well as I am also on a slow release morphine pill which by the way I am wheening myself off. I have been on the morphine based pill for many years for chronic pain in both my knees but have since had a double total knee replacement so I am now coming off them. Since giving up smoking I have gained 20kg after working hard to lose 57kg, I know, I know why can't I lose the weight like I did before well if I take up smoking again maybe I could. Anyway I won't keep droning on I am going to start my 40mg again tomorrow as my dosage of the morphine drug is getting lower and lower and they may work this time I will see.

    Please feel free anyone to join in this thread and maybe we can inspire each other and set a bit of a challenge for Christmas.

    Good luck to you all
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    Dont smoke to lose weight! You can do it without smoking. I dont think that they work too well for me just yet either but I refuse to believe that they wont start working!!
    Keep taking the tablets and try to make a concious effort to walk a little bit each day. Even if its only around the block, you will feel so much better for it. You have to believe in yourself and start somewhere.
    Walk. Fast, slow, a little, a lot.. its up to you. Youll feel heaps better for it. I am so lazy, I hate exercising but after I do I feel great! Not that I want to do it again but because its over!!! Good luck Kazzaa
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