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    Hi, new here and started Duromine one month ago, the first week was great with 1.5kg lost, second week 1kg, third only 300g and fourth nothing. I feel like I have stagnated I was on 30mg and the Doctor has increased it to 40mg which I have taken for a few days. My appetite is suppressed and energy feels fine. I eat two meals a day about 400 calories each and I have a glass of milk in the morning. My only snacks are weight watchers bars 1 or 2 a day. The weight isn't coming off anymore and I feel pretty depressed about it. Not quite sure what is going on! Can anyone help?

    I have taken Reductil previously a few years ago and had some success with it although it raised my blood pressure horribly. Duromine side effects seem a lot less and my blood pressure is only slightly elevated.
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    First of all you do a usual mistake most people do. Instead of 2 meals you should have at least 4-5 a day. Small portions and snacks. Plus lots of water.

    You see what happens - once you start your diet, your body has to get used to a new regime - in past you ate what you want and where you want, so you gained weight. But now you eat very little, but your body still needs the energy, so it keeps depositing everything that comes with food, just in case it will not get any food one day. You see? Do not afraid - I went through all this long ago and I know what I'm saying. I lost huge amount, yet it took me quite long...

    If you schedule your day - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, every day at the same time, then you will see your weight is coming off. Don't worry about so many meals per day - if they are small, you will not gain excess calories. Eat more fresh and steamed vegetables, fruit and fat-free meat (except for the pork), add nuts and dairy products - you'll see it will work perfectly.

    Oh, I forgot to mention: during the first month of your weight loss, the body is getting used to new lifestyle, so your weight loss is unstable and sometimes seems it stopped.
    All in all, I see no reason for despair, you just have to wait and continue the proper dieting. And one more important thing - no weight loss appears without high physical activity. That's a fact. Your calories and hence fat tissue have to go somewhere - exercises are perfect for this.

    Good luck, darling!
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