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    Hi I've been on Duromine 30mg for a week now and I've got to report that apart from the ongoing dry mouth and occasional awareness of my heart beating (not elevated just conscious of it) I have found D to assist with reduction in appetite. I'm worried about rebounding so I've set myself a goal of 1800calories per day and I'm sitting around 1000-1500 most days. I'm making sure I eat well, regularly and drinking lots of water. I have gym training 3x week and on the other days I am active or at the very least walking 30min.

    Two weeks ago I weighed in at 101.4kg (34 yo, 168cm)
    This week I weighed in at 96.6kg and 14cm off my measurements.

    Will keep posting at each weigh in, I'm not actually sure what my goal weight it but I'm determined to get into a size 12. I have got mini goals, the first being 90kg. I'm well on the way!
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    Nice weight loss, Lotta!:)
    I wish you only good results further, darling!
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