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    Today is my first day on Duromine. I had heard about it aplenty over the past couple of years but never thought to take it. I lost 15kg on a weight loss challenge without any diet pills, however I regained the weight within 2 years. I have tried and tried to do the challenge again but to no avail and could not stop eating (especially bad foods!), so as a last result I am taking Duromine to kickstart my healthy lifestyle.

    After reading others' experiences I have an idea of what to expect. It is only day one and I have another 29 days to go on Duromine. I got it through my doctor who knows me well and took my blood pressure and everything is okay so I feel safe under his lead.

    Today I wasn't sure if my lack of desire for food was more psychological due to taking the pill today, however as the day progressed I realised it was physical. Wow - I have never felt that! I'm ALWAYS eating or thinking about food and today I'm not. I already feel I have to remind myself to eat and I MUST eat.

    I do feel a little wired and restless but I feel in control. Funnily enough I was a little off balance a couple of times today but other than that I feel fine. I feel happy, relaxed but I'm aware of it in my system.

    Tomorrow I start a healthy diet and exercise plan and I'm focusing on the fact Duromine is a temporary assistant for my journey. I'm hoping it will help train my body and mind to recognise true hunger as well, but I am not to rely on Duromine solely.

    I will see how I go for my first week! Just wanted to let everyone know how my initial feeling on it was. I weighed in at 80.8kg today (I'm a 175cm female) - let's see by the end of the week how much weight I've lost with Duromine, healthy eating and exercise combined. 2kg would be ideal, but secretly I want to lose more, hehehe. :D
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