Has anyone gone to a different doctor for a prescription

Discussion in 'Doctors & Clinics' started by Busymum, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Jun 19, 2014
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    I was just wondering if anyone has some advise about getting a prescription from a doctor that is not your regular doctor? My doctor refuses to write a prescription to anyone for duromine. Do I keep making one off appointments with new doctors in the hope that one of them will prescribe it? My confidence is so low and I'm scared a new doctor will react the same way my doctor did( was really annoyed that I even asked and didn't want to hear my reasons for wanting to go on duromine). Any advise or personal experiences would be so greatly appreciated.
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    Hello :)
    May I ask, do you fit the usual 'numbers' criteria to get the script? (If you Dr wasn't adverse to it)?

    If you do, I'd go to another Dr & lay it all out to him / her. Be frank, realistic & explain how much you need to minimise your appetite & what it means to you.

    Mr Dr was reluctant but after I truly came out with it all - he said yes.

    Love to hear back how you go...
    Good luck x
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