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Jan 17, 2015
Hi Everyone,
So I am not one to write on forums or anything but have decided that support and advice will make this process easier. I have started taking Duromine, day 2 but am freaking out alot. Day 1 was great. I was buzzing, had heaps of energy, work was super productive and was not hungry at all. I am a little hungry this morning but have only just taken the pill so will go eat soon. I can see that it does help you lose weight but what makes me freak out is putting the weight back on or putting on more weight after going off the pills. I was hoping someone could guide me on what I should still be eating. Share their stories of success. I also have PCOS and the only thing I want is to have a baby


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Jan 13, 2015
newcastle nsw
I plan to follow the weight watchers way of eating when i come off duromine. Its an easy and healthy way to watch what youre eating. It also gives you the option for treats on special occasions like birthdays. All you have to do is stay within your points allowance for the day...simple. Also the weight watchers cook books have fantastic recipes the whole family would enjoy. Good Luck
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Nov 21, 2009
Start changing your eating habits right now, while using Duromine. All that time you will spend using the pills - you will get used to a new healthy eating and then when you come off th epills, you will not gain weight. As for me, the menu is simple: no to fried food, soda drinks, cakes (homemade pies if you want sometimes), mayo and other store sauces, alcohol (makes you feel more hungry than you are); yes to - white and red meat, fresh or cooked vegetables, green salads, cereals, eggs, milk products (if you tolerate), nuts and fruit. I always try something new, just from the Internet, there are lots of amazing recepies.

Make sure you eat a tasty but healthy food. Enjoy your meals not torture yourself. You can find some helpful recepies on our forum.

Good luck! :)