Freaked Out! Weird Side Effects!!


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Aug 25, 2014
Hi Guys

Today is day 6 of being on duromine, the first 4 days were ok
I have been sleeping fine except for the first night, i have been eating 3 small healthy
meals a day and have had no urge to snack.

Yesterday and today at about 4pm i started to feel really spaced out, depressed
and unmotivated its a really disgusting feeling. I feel like my body can't handle it!

I have taken duromine twice in the past and didn't experience anything like this

I also have really really dry lips as i can't stop licking them (not sure if this is a common side affect )

Has anyone experienced anything like the above side affects if so how did you cope.

I feel like if this continues tomorrow i may need too stop taking them.

Any advise would be much appreciated.



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Aug 20, 2016
I have the very same feeling today I thought I was going to faint. Extremely dry lips been licking them the entire day. Only on day 4. Have been drinking plenty water , so I don't know what is causing this dryness or thirst.

Super worried


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Jul 11, 2016
Hey Kazi and Buddy Baby
If you are concerned, definitely stop and talk to your GP before starting up again.

I experienced similar issues in my first 2 weeks. I still have the dry mouth and lips in week 7 - however it was manageable by week 2.

RE: dizzyness and feeling flat and yucky - for me, it was the lack of sugar.
I was drinking 3L soft drink and highly sugared food most days and when I stopped (due to taking Duromine) my body spazzed out.
I cried, I got headaches, I was fatigued and dizzy but then - it went?!
I still went to my GP though and double checked!