First Week Complete


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Jan 27, 2014
South Coast NSW
Just finished my first week on 30mg and have weight loss of 2.6kg so just over 11kg to go :) very happy with that. I am not having really any side effects and sleeping seems back to normal. I am exercising 20-30mins a day on my exercise bike and plenty of water intake and eating healthy 99% of the time ;) Duromine was definitely the boost my body needed to shift this last load of baby weight as nothing has been working and to be honest I don't want to slog it out in a gym as I work part time, have a home to run with a husband and 14month old so life is already busy enough so would rather spend my spare time with my boys...I was going to curves gym 4-5 times a week and the results were next to nothing with the effort I was putting in....Duromine has been a great energy and confidence booster, feeling much happier :)