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Oct 8, 2012
Hi All,

I too have just started taking Duromine (on Sat 6 October 2012). I am 41- and have put my weight (about 25kgs on over the last 10 years). I think from a) eating too much b) giving up smoking about 3.5 years ago, d) getting married d) having a baby - 2.5 years ago. I have been on every diet!! I am not a bad eater and I do excerise also, but I have worked out that I am a bit obsessive with food-meaning that I just can't have one bit of chocolate and I can never leave anything on my plate! So have started taking D-as I also have suffered from a bad back since I was a child and my chiro has warned if I don't get the weight of I will be having an operation when I am 55! Not happening! Here are my stats:

Staring weight: 88kgs
Staring Date: 6/10/12
Current Weight: This morning 86kgs
Minor Goal Weight - Same 75 kgs
Major Goal Weight - from 63-68.
Height: 165 CM

So 10 years ago and prior I would NEVER let myself go over the 70kg mark! This is now my plan for when I hopefully lose this weight. If Duromine gives me this kick start I am totally resolved to keep this weight off and also understand that I am just one of those people, that will always have to watch what they eat!

I will post updates every week on my progress.

Also does anyone know if mixing D with Diet Coke is bad? I have drunk it this weekend-and although it does make me feel a little light headed I actually feel it further supresses my appetite - aqny advice/thoughts?


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Oct 10, 2012
Hi I too am just starting on Metermone 30g. I am 45 female. My goals is to lose at least 30kg.
I suffer from from arthritis so exercise can be a problem for me. Took my first tablet a 7am and waiting to see what happens. Would be interested in following progress with others and sharing their experiences.

Starting weight: 100.4kg
Start date: 10/10/12
Current weight: 100.4kg
Minor Goal weight: 75kg
Major Goal weight: 65-68kg
Height: 167cm