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    Today was my first day on 30mg, my gp has given me a 3 month prescription and I will be monitored regularly by her during this weight loss journey.

    I’ve always struggled with my weight and found myself bouncing between 70 - 80kg (which when I was young I felt was ‘fat’ but now I’d give anything so see those numbers on the scale). I have 7month old twins and gained about 40kg during pregnancy, I had a ferocious appetite and everyone told me not to worry about weight / eating too much. After giving birth my weight dropped to about 98kg and I kind of expected / hoped the weight would just continue to drop off me but it didn’t and over th past 7months the scales kept creeping up slowly until now I’m 106kg. I tried so many times over the months to cut down portion sizes / eat healthier foods but I get a couple of days into a ‘healthy eating pattern’ and just the hunger takes over and the desire for take away food and sugary treats kicks in. I realised that willpower alone just wasn’t going to cut it this time so I spoke to my gp who suggested an appetite suppressant to help get me on the right track.

    My plan is to use this 3 months to ‘reset’ and get into good habits so once the Duromine finishes I can maintain the healthy lifestyle and continue to lose weight (as I do not expect to lose the whole 35kg in 3 months).

    Today felt like a good day, I wake early for work so took it at 6.30am and felt a little buzz for most of the day, I felt super productive at work and while I still felt hungry getting towards lunch I only ate a little bit until getting interrupted but that seemed to satisfy me until the work day ended and I could eat some more. I got a headache towards the end of the day but that’s the only side effect I’ve noticed so far and that could also be a bit of a withdrawal from all the additives etc in the junk food I usually eat.

    If anyone has any tips for a newbie starting out I’m open to them, while I hope to lose a fair amount of weight while on the Duromine my main focus is improving health and setting up good habits that can be continued.
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