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    Felow Durominers,

    This is my 2nd experence with duromine. My first attemt amazed me with a total loss of 33kgs in less than 5 months!! After reaching my goal weight of 57KGS i stopped.

    I must of been feeling errrrmmmm great because around this time we got news of baby number 4! After a rather eventful pregency i realised not only had i gained what i lost i had extra.

    ......6 months later.....

    So here i am day 3 of my new start,
    Lat night i slept realy well although i think in part it was the fact the night before i was staring at the roof till half 4 in the morning, the 2 hours i managed were broken between a coughing baby and high pitched snoring.
    I'm a lover of food, the smell, the taste, that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you tame a craving..but unlike last time the thought of eating is making me feel a little ill...this is something i have to overcome i know i cant live off a few peanuts and cooking fumes.
    A friend of mine who by the way i haven't seen in the flesh for a while asked why with 4 children under 5 am i needing to take duromine, i thought to myself as if the extra energy isn't coming in handy! Not only am not tired after the day to day jobs im imersing myself in forgotten wardrobes, changing rooms around ,mowing and just today i think i may even give the old wood chipper the day off!
    Today is a good day in with hope will be a great week that turns into a wonderful month. i have hope s and dreams not only for myslf but for my family and although duromine isn't the most traditional way of losing weight i'm hoping once results are seen i'll be whipped into taking healthy steps to a healthy lifestyle.

    antill next time.....** finger's crossed**.....
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    hi how is it going so far?
    Do u get hungry? how much have u lost?
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