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Should I begin to take duromine again?

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Feb 23, 2014
Hi everyone, in 2012 my friend told me about duromine and I thought id give it a go! I was 96kg and 163cam tall..During my first month I lost about 8-10kg down to 86kg then I go another script and got down to 75ish. I am not sure about the exact numbers cos I didn't have a proper scale. It didnt bother me also cos i didn't think I was that big until i looked back on photos. I also didnt get much side effects except for the dry mouth
At the start of 2013 i got down to 70kg through healthy eating and gym everyday. I wasn't taking duromine anymore.
Half way through 2013 I got really depressed ang gained 15 kg back to 85kg. I got depressed about it even more so I went back to the dr for some duromine, I got the script 30mg but my body reacted to them so strongly. I was having heart palpitations excessive sweats, anxiety, basically felt like i was about to have a heart attack I ddint finish the script..Fast foward a few months on and i went Back on the dr and i got another script..the only thing now is that I am scared to take them? theyre just sitting in my bag... has anyone had this type of experience? shed any light please?


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Danie!
I think you should try it again, since you can always stop if you notice side effects. Only this time reconsider your schedule and menu. Maybe last time something was different comparing to the very first time you took Duromine. Many factors affect it actually. Maybe your metabolism was different, maybe you had stress at work, etc.. Unfortunately I didn't have such an experience, since my body reacted pretty much the same, so after a break I already knew what to expect.
Give it a go, some people have the same effects as you do, only they pass within several days.