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    Hi everyone. I've lost 5kg on duromine and I'm now on my 11th day and I'm soooo exhausted. I've been sleeping fine for the last week or so but the last 2 days I have just been so lethargic. Could I be caused by not eating enough? Do you think maybe some steak might fix it? As anyone else hit this problem?
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    Hi, Kzgirl
    Of course it can be caused by not eating enough. When you start any diet - means that you eat in a different way, but not starving.

    The same with Duromine. You should make up a new diet plan, low calories but full of proteins, carbs and even fat! All these elements are essential for your body!

    You can eat meat (no pork though), but not the fried one, because you wanna eat healthy))
    Eggs, dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt), nuts for snacks (no peanuts), fruit and vegetables. Boil, steam, bake but not fry these foods. Or eat them fresh. See, how many solutions!

    Btw, we have a separate thread here on the forum, called: General Diet Plans and Questions

    Why don't you people look more thoroughly?
    I wish you a good luck with your weight loss journey and please take care of your body! :)
    ps. Don't forget to drink a lot of water.
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