Durumine and PSOS


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Jul 9, 2014
Hi everybody, I have been reading this forum and all the posts and responses for a while, and finally decided to join! It has really helped me make a decision as far as Duromine is concerned.
I was diagnosed with PSOS, and are receiving treatment for this, but my doctor still refused to give me Duromine. I have tried to lose weight for more than 2 years now, follow a healthy eating plan with daily exercise, but no results. I really want to get back to my pre-psos weight, but nothing seemed to work.
I started using Duromine a week ago, and had my first weigh-in yesterday, and lost 1.5kg! It is not as much as some people seem to lose, but for me it is the first time in years I see any results, so I am super happy with it!
Is there anybody else on here who has the same condition as I do? I would love to hear how it affected your weight and how the Duromine works with it - any advise would be great


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Jul 8, 2014
Do you mean Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) if you do, I also have same condition.
My GP started me on Duromine 30, I gained lots of weight while I was pregnant :/
So far I lost 5 kg in 2 weeks, I don't snack as much and I eat healthy. I also started to walk everyday for 1 hr, I don't have any bad side affects only dry mouth, I can sleep well and I noticed that my body is alert and I have lots of energy. I haven't been cranky like some would say, I'm pretty happy and excited when I lose weight. I have lost lots of body fat too, I can tell by my clothes 5 kg makes a difference, anyways just remember to eat, and when you eat, eat healthy don't skip breakfast drink your water anyways you will if you have dry mouth. And congrats on the weight loss its not easy to lose weight if you suffer from pcos, I know for sure. Good luck keep going.