Duromine just wont work this time HELP.

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    Hey guys. So i have an underactive thyroid diagnosed 7 years ago after i had my daughter and was over 100kg. But it comes and goes so thyroid medication is not an option i just have to do my best to maintain my weight when it does flare. My dr put me on duromine 15mg then 30mg and finally 40mg but i only needed a couple of months at a time and within 6 months i was down to 70kg and then a year later with duromine only one month i was down to 63. I am somewhat active but my hypothyroid usually leaves me void of any energy, lethargic and i sleep a lot. I have two kids so obviously this poses problems. Over the years as my thyroid flares up i start gain weight again i sleep a lot more mood goes way down amd i have no energy again. So just recently i got up to 80kg over a short space so back to my dr. I am straight onto 40mg as anything under has never worked. Except this time NOTHING has budged. I am sitting between 79-80 i drink 2.7l of lemon water a day i have even taken my calories down to 1300 a day this time after first 2 weeks not doing anything. I eat plant based and not a lot of carbs. My bloods say im in perfect health. But i am still sleeping 8 hours a night and a nap during the day. And the worst part is i CANNOT lose a singe kilo and its been just on a month To say this is discouraging is an understatement. Im devistated. I cant live my life like this and duromine has always worked to get my weight down so i could maintain it on my own for a few years. Im waiting to hear back from my dr about my antibodies but i feel like duromine has just stopped working. Its years inbetween taking them so theres no build up of immunity. Has this ever happened to anyone? Did anyone manage to have a breakthrough?
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    Hello. I am sorry that you are struggling so hard and it's not working... Did you try to add any exercising? Of course, eating is the main aspect, but exercising might help start the process.
    Does Duromine suppress your appetite?
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