Duromine Helped Change My Life!!


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Nov 14, 2013
Hi all, I have just turned 48 and I have just today started taking Duromine 30mg again - I'm a return user. About 2 years ago my weight grew to just over 80kg. I'm 158cm (5ft 3") so I spoke to my doctor about my concerns & he suggested I try Duromine. I excepted the script & went and had it filled on my way home. I took my first one the following morning. I went back at the end of the first month for another script. So, within the first two months I googled like crazy about this drug I was taking and was very concerned about all the negative reviews etc but I was amazed that I personally wasn't experiencing any severe issues. I did experience a dry mouth which drove my husband crazy but honestly that was about it. Although I didn't feel like eating much, I made sure I ate 3 healthy meal each day. I stopped alcohol completely (which was hard) and mainly drank water. I honestly believe by adapting a healthy eating plan helped me with very minimal side effects. Anyway, I decided I would have a break after the 2 months had passed as I had lost a total of 13kg. That was two years ago. Although I have managed to keep all that weight off for the last two years, I have decided to give myself a jump start because I am once again focussed on losing the next 13kg. I can only tell you about my personal experience with Duromine & for me it was a combination of changing bad habits and not relying just on a tablet a day. Good luck to everyone on their journey & I wish you all the very best. I will keep your updated as I travel this journey. Keep smiling all.


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Nov 21, 2009
Good luck you too, Tracey!
Much confidence and faith in yourself!:laughing:
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Jun 11, 2014
East Rand, South Africa
I think yours is a wonderful success story. It really helps one to set short-term goals, and work towards your ultimate goals. Being ready and positive about the changes (and better choices) one needs to make, also helps a lot. Feeling deprived is often the biggest reason I have given up on my dieting efforts before. But now that I am focussed and positive (positivity drawn from the success I have had so far) - I manage to stay on track and disciplined. All the best with the next 13!
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Sep 21, 2014
what a breath of fresh air for your response to duromine !
my doctor recommended it ladt year but i heard so many negative stories but I have struggled all year. For 5 years i have held my weight at 70-74 kgs with exercise and healthy eating but i smoked. My mum had a stroke in May and i stopped smoking.
with stress coming from being a carer of my mum, being a single mum to my daughter and trying to attain a promotion i have gained weight. I forgot to mention that i also had polyps removed from my stomach and my diet had to change.
So in saying that, I have decided to start tomorrow ! I sm excited.
I am 42 and weigh 85 kgs at 157cm in height. I carry my weight on my belly and boobs so with exercise and added energy I hope I can shed my weight and share my journey with you.
Happy weight loss !