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    Thought I would keep a bit of a diary on here of my experience with using Duromine 15mg.
    My stats are- age- 38
    starting weight- 77kgs
    [lost 7kgs due to some stress in my life, so decided that was going to be the kick start to a new skinnier, healthier me, and I am not going to put it back on..]
    Starting weight for Duromine- 69.8 kgs
    First mini goal-65kgs [while on Duromine 15mg for 1 month]
    second mini goal-to keep loosing when I come off my month of duromine and reach 60kgs
    goal weight-60kgs
    Ultimate goal weight 58kgs
    Ultimate Ultimate goal-to maintain and never regain my lost weight :D

    Day 1- took my first pill this morning at 6am, then went for a Big walk 1 1/2hrs. I have been walking in the mornings the last few days, wanting to get into the habit before I started taking the Duromine.
    Side effects, none that I can tell yet. I was very tired today, but I've put that down to a restless night sleep last night.
    Tonight I went to bed at 8:30pm but woke at 10:30pm and now it is 12:27am and I still feel wide awake. I don't think it's from the Duramine. I am normally a night owl anyway.

    I am not a huge meal eater my problem is way to much snacking on ALL of the wrong foods and drinking way to much Coke.
    Food eaten today- not a lot, felt like breakfast, but after my walk and a shower I actually went back to bed for a bit more sleep, so didn't eat breakfast :(
    lunch was a small mandarin and a ham sandwich and my first drink of Coke in about a month. Only drank 1/2 of it.
    snacks were one apple and another mandarin.
    Dinner was a small sweet chilli chicken cutlet cooked on the BBQ and some steamed greens, carrots, tiny piece of corn cob and 1/2of a potato. I left 1/2 of the potato on my plate so only ate 1/4 of a potato.
    Only one bottle of water drunk today-600ml
    I have a bottle of water beside the bed for tonight as I am starting to feel quiet thirsty now.

    After dinner, I did not feel hungry at all, normally I would have a cup of tea and something to snack on like chocolate or sweet biscuits.
    Tonight I just brushed my teeth and went to bed :D

    Day 1 finished.. it is now 12:45am and I am starting to feel tired. Time to go back to bed and get some sleep.
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    Day 2... Well I didn't sleep too well last night, took my tablet a bit later this morning at 8:30am.
    No real burst of energy [that I was hoping for]
    Feeling really p*ssed off with everything today, really snappy and angry :( I am hoping it is just from lack of sleep.

    Not feeling real hungry but made myself eat one egg and 2 egg whites scrambled for breakfast, felt sick the whole time eating them but knew I had to.
    Lunch was just a light one of crackerbreads x 4 with cheese and tomato on 2 and peanut butter on the other 2.
    Had mainly fruit all day when I felt my stomach rumbling [didn't feel hungry at all] 2 mandarins, a banana and some nuts, 2 oranges.
    dinner again just a couple of crackerbreads with peanut butter. and a cup of tea.
    Not much water drunk today. Really need to get back into drinking water.
    No exercise today, I had a day off.
    almost 10pm and I am still wide awake. Must remember to set alarm and take tablet earlier, maybe around 5am? tomorrow and see if I am more tired come night time.
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