Does Any One Have Any Blood Test Results?


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Aug 17, 2014
Sleepless in Melbourne
These are my concerning blood test results
I weigh 84 Kgs (160 CM and Female)
LDL Chol is 3.9 normal range is up to 2.4
My ferritine levels were Sky High at 360 normal range is up to 120
My thyroid level (TSH) is 1.83 which is within the normal range

I will be retested in 1 month of taking duromine

My goal for the first month of Duromine
Is to lose 5kgs
To achieve this i will take 30 mg of Duro
Gym 5 times a week
Try to eat healthy

Lower LDL to under 3
To achieve I will try to eat healthy
Reduce weight

Reduce ferritine levels
By donating blood and stopping the intake of VIT C
Stop my Daily Multi Vitamin as it contains 5 mg of Ferritine

With the duromine I am expecting my TSH to increase

Does any one have any blood test results?
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Jun 10, 2014
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
Had full blood work done a couple of weeks ago. My THS was normal range BUT thyroid antibodies were sky high. Normal is 60 mine was 1000 + :eek: Doctor is investigating. Have a family history of under active thyroid and doc says Duromine could be masking it. Were so busy discussing this and organizing thyroid ultrasound and further blood tests after I am off D for a couple of weeks that my other results were ignored. Am back to the doctors to review ultrasound on Thursday and I am going to go in armed with a list of questions. One of which will be to go over my blood work and get results of my cholesterol etc. will let you know.


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Jun 10, 2014
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
From my blog:

'Was back at the doctor's today.
Seems there is a small nodule on my thyroid but nothing to worry about. Doc is not in a hurry to put me on Oroxine but wants me to see an endocrinologist in a couple of months who may decide otherwise.
Spoke to my doc about continuing wit the Duromine as I am doing so well and he is OK with it. I mentioned that I feel like my body has become accustomed to the 30mg and asked to try the 40mg. Have to go back in a month, or earlier if I experience difficulties with the 40mg.'

'He also went through all of my other blood work:
Iron - normal (iron 15.5, transferrin 2.56, saturation 24 & ferritin 88)
Glucose - normal 5.2 (normal is 4 - 8)
Cholesterol - 5 (desirable is < 5.6) so OK but close to the top end.
Vitamins - levels all good
Hormones - normal, not menopausal or even thinking about it.
Kidney & Liver function - all good

He did others but I can't remember the ones he didn't print out for me.'