Antibiotics, antibiotic steroids and Duromine use

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    I have just been prescribed antibiotics and the steroid antibiotics and ventol puffer for my really bad flu, but hesitant in taking along with duromine. Has anyone have any experience as I’ve heard that antibiotics should not be used in conjunction with duromine. I’m two months in and half way to my goal weight. 86SW 79CW and 70TW. I don’t want to stop for too long and start it all over again as I had a lot of side effects to begin with... stopping would mean taking a step back but obviously don’t wanna be stupid and put my health at risk! Any advice please
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    The best advice I can give you is to call the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist, or your doctor… In addition, you can check Link Removed, where you need to insert the names of your drugs to see if they interact with Duromine.

    Get well soon! Oh and congratulations with the fantastic progress!
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