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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by Livion, May 5, 2013.

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    Well I'm 28 yrs old, 167cm tall, have a 1yr old girl and need to lose another 16kgs as I get married in just under 7 months (eeeekkkkk). Im in week 6 of taking Duromine 40mg daily, my starting weight was 92.2kgs and it is currently now 86.2kgs, so a loss of only 6kgs...
    After reading so many stories of how people shed that amount of weight in their first week, i'm feeling a little ripped off haha. I see a personal trainer twice weekly and consider myself fairly active, plus I eat small low calorie meals & drink heaps of water, but yet can only manage to lose 1 kilo a week which has cost me roughly $200:/ But in saying that I have been trying to lose weight for 4 months prior to that with very little success, especially since I have stopped breastfeeding, so hey a loss in a loss.
    This sounds so strange but I've had the odd day where I've scoffed down some seriously bad food, smaller quantities though, and have actually lost more weight???
    My first box of capsules was actually the generic Metermine 40mg (from a prescription) and it may just be pure coincidence but since I've swapped over to the Duromine brand I have found my weightloss increased as did my appetite suppression. I know, I know, they say they are exactly the same but I worked as a pharmacy assistant for 4 years and used to say that to people because I was told too, even though the drug reps used to say generics have the same 'drug' but what is used to make up the capsule/tablet is different possibly of cheaper quality. So you can't help but wonder...

    Positives - gradual weightloss, not what I expected but its happening
    very little appetite & can only manage small amounts
    dry mouth reminds me to drink water haha
    super hyper moments, housework gets done!

    Negatives - $$$$
    slower than expected weightloss
    dry mouth
    really drowsy one minute, super hyper the next
    1st 2 weeks I felt so sick, headaches, nausea, so tired nearly gave up it was that bad

    Hoping it continues to help me, this was my last resort really:/
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    Hi, dear!
    I've read your story and it touched me. Seriously, I'm happy for those people, who want to make a strong family and ready to go through difficulties to reach their goal. Like you do.
    I know pills might be pricey - it's one big lack, yet unavoidable sometimes. So we have to sacrifice things.
    As for small loss in your case, don't worry - your body will do it properly, because it knows the best way of losing weight.
    Now we have a new design of the forum, so you might find it easier to blog/update your stories!

    P.S.: You have a good sense of humour! :laughing:
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