A Funny Smell...


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Jan 6, 2014
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi everyone,

I have been on Duromine for 5 months now but just recently (last 6 weeks) I have been experiencing a funny smell - like stale cigarette smoke. By the end of the day I have a head ache, burning and sore eyes and feel like absolute cr@p.

I am working through the different factors/influences etc on why this might be happening but wanted to ask if anyone out in Duromineland has ever experienced this type of side effect. I have had a look around on the wide world interweb and can't find it listed as a side effect.

I am not ruling out the air-con in my work place, cologne or perfume being worn by colleagues etc. I don't have it all the time and if I leave the building during the day the smell goes away, as does the headache and burning eyes. I guess that does rule out the Duromine because I take it on week ends and there is no smell.

Thanks guys, you have all been a great help as I gathered my stray thoughts on trying to eliminate Duromine.