4th day of 30mg duromine

Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by wannabeasupermodel, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Today is my 4th day of Duromine 30mg! I only have 3 week's worth.

    I started on Wednesday 28 March 2012. On the first day I experienced a big buzz, loss of appetite, anxiety, sleeplessness - had a lot of energy - did an hour and a half of cardio - drank slimshake for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Thursday 29 March 2012 - same buzz and energy, loss of appetite and anxiety. Weighed myself and lost 3kg! I went to the gym and did an hour and 15 mins of cardio and an hour of weights - had a slimshake for breakfast lunch and dinner. no problems sleeping.

    Friday 30 March 2012 - Slimshake breakfast, half an hour of weights and an hour of cardio, chicken salad for lunch and slimshake for dinner. no problems sleeping. no anxiety. hunger starting to kick in. no further weight loss.

    Saturday 31 March 2012 - Slimshake breakfast, half an hour of weights and and half an hour of cardio, small salad and a small can of tuna for lunch, no anxiety, no appetite loss (feeling really hungry), - i am actually feeling no effect from the drug whatsoever.. feel likes i haven't even taken it today... no further weight loss... ahh getting a bit down about this.. hope i see some more results soon:(:(

    Will keep you updated.
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    Hey there. how are you doing?,

    please do yourself a favor and throw out your scales, getting on them everyday is not good for you psychologically (take it from a reformed addict) your body will fluctuate daily so please pick a day of the week and weigh in on that day to help make yourself feel a little less like a hit to the esteem not seeing loss or even a little gain on some of the days :)

    you can do this and there are a lot of amazing supportive people out there to help you on your way :)

    and i know it's tempting to go hard out and try lose as much as possible really fast but that's not helpful either Duromine is designed as an aid to lifestyle change so its great that you are aware of your activities and your eating but don't go too hard too fast as it will only trigger the survival response and when you go off the Duromine you may gain it back as your body thinks it's not getting enough to survive.

    i wish you the best of luck with it and feel free to ask any questions or advice :)
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