30kg In 3 Months?

Discussion in 'Duromine Questions and Answers' started by JacquiRose, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hi guy! Im wanting to know if its even possible to lose 30 kg in 3 months? (Thats how long my perscription is) today is day 3 and im down 1.5kg already. May be water weight but feels good :) my bmi is a whopping 42! Im 20yo Im 154cm tall and was 99.4kg am now 97.9kg and even after losing 30kg my bmi will still be too high but at least not in the dangerously obese range.. thoughts??
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    Hmmm... Can't promise you anything - 30kgs quite a number to go...
    HOwever, nothing is impossible, since you now have 1-1.5 kg of daily, you may achieve your 30kgs per 3 months goal. I can tell you one thing - it will be not easy and you got to be very patient and purposeful. Not a single step back! I believe in you!
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    It's always good to have goals : ) but don't be too hard on yourself. Yes eat right and excercise sensibly change your lifestyle and you will be where you want to be before you know it. So if you haven't lost the 30 kilos you wanted to in three months at least you have changed your life style to help aid in the weight loss : )
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