What is Duromine?

Duromine is one of prescription Phentermine-based drugs (Adipex-P, Metermine, Phentermine HCl 37.5, etc.) that are available on the modern pharmaceutical market of weight loss products.

Duromine history

It is an appetite suppressant, the active substance of which – Phentermine – has been665/ developed in the 60’s of the 20th century. At that time, followed by multiple studies, the FDA approved Phentermine substance for time-limited adjunct use in weight loss programs that comprise dietary adjustments and higher physical loads, along with lifestyle changes aiding weight loss.

For decades, Phentermine was prescribed by doctors and used by people for weight loss purposes. However, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans got the opportunity to use Phentermine-containing drugs legally starting from 2007, when Duromine was approved by the TGA for the treatment of obesity.

What are the active ingredients in Duromine diet pills?

INova Pharmaceuticals developed Duromine drug, which contains Phentermine as ion-exchange resin*. This formulation allows for gradual release of the active substance, due to which the effect maintains throughout the entire day and allows controlling hunger as long as people need to lower their food consumption.

* Duromine is not the only Phentermine-containing drug that INova pharmaceuticals developed for weight loss. Generic Duromine is called Metermine and is usually a bit cheaper than the brand drug.

This substance was subjected to multiple trials on its safety and efficacy and has proven effective for weight loss as a short-term intensifier of slimming effects that patients achieve through intelligent eating, exercising and habitual changes.

Duromine makes shifting to diet or proper nutrition go smoother and allows to significantly reduce the amount of food consumed during the entire day. Duromine is capable of providing such a long-lasting effect due to the fact that:

  • its active ingredient is combined with ion-exchange resin, which provides extended release of the appetite suppressing component,
  • the film coating of the capsule contributes to an even lower rate of the drug release.

What does Duromine look like?

As it was already mentioned, Duromine capsules are manufactured in capsule form, in three different dosage forms. So, you can get:

  • grey and green Duromine capsules which contain 15 mg of Phentermine base;
  • grey and reddish brown Duromine capsules which contain 30 mg of Phentermine base;
  • grey and orange Duromine capsules which contain 40 mg of Phentermine base.

How does Duromine work?

Duromine is an appetite suppressant that provides its effects through working both inside and outside the brain:

  • Inside the brain, it influences the hypothalamus (which is a link between the nervous and the endocrine systems), as well as the release of norepinephrine to a higher extent, and the release of dopamine and serotonin to a smaller extent.
  • Outside the brain, Duromine enhances the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which makes fat cells break down fat that they contain.

How does Duromine help me lose weight?

Even though this slimming medication is mainly famous for its appetite suppressing abilities, it provides other effects that many people find helpful in their pursuing of a healthy weight.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that you still need to eat properly and increase the level of your daily physical activity, if you want to achieve high weight loss results while taking Duromine. This is the point where many wonder “What is the use of Duromine, if you still need to diet and exercise?”

On top of the appetite suppression, Duromine is believed to provide a thermogenic effect, which means that it makes your body produce more energy from the fat cells. This promotes breakdown of the stored fat and boosts the weight loss results.

Summing up beneficial effects of Duromine for weight loss

  1. Duromine facilitates rejection of sweets/fast food/etc., which is usually one of the main reasons why people fail in keeping to weight loss diets/healthy eating.
  2. Fighting ravenous hunger is easier with Duromine, which in turn helps to switch to making healthy food choices in a more conscientious way.
  3. Duromine is a strong prescription-only drug. Therefore, people, who resort to its use as a last hope to lose excess weight, and do realize that they pose themselves to a certain threat (i.e. side effects), do their best to keep to the weight loss program and change their mindset over their lifestyle to avoid gaining weight back.
  4. Duromine provides the thermogenic effect over the body, which means that it makes cells burn fat inside them to produce energy.
  5. Duromine helps you get used to consuming more water, which is also beneficial for an efficient weight loss.

Please note!

Despite the fact, that many Duromine users report getting an energy boost, when they start using Duromine, this effect is not a common one, and usually manifests when concentration of the active ingredient (Phentermine) in your blood reaches its peak level. As the concentration declines, so the energy boost does.

Keep in mind that by increasing the dose of this anorectic to get more energy you pose serious threat to your health and increase the risk of severe adverse events. Immediately seek medical help if you think that you or someone around you took too much Duromine.

Is Duromine an amphetamine?

Many people ask this question, and to answer it, we should once more take a closer look at the active ingredient of Duromine – Phentermine. It is a CNS stimulant and belongs to the class of substituted amphetamines. This is a class of compounds, which by their chemical structure are similar to amphetamines. In fact, they are amphetamine derivatives, in which one or more atoms are replaced with an atom or a group of atoms, thus turning them into new molecules.

This allows concluding that Phentermine (Duromine) is not an amphetamine, though its structure is similar to that of the amphetamines. Since substituted amphetamines may cause various influence over the central nervous system and have an increased probability of causing serious side effects, they belong to the list of controlled substances and are dispensed in pharmacies with a prescription only.

Due to its high effectiveness for weight loss, many people try to find legal ways to buy Duromine online without a prescription. However, even though Duromine is not an amphetamine, it is strongly recommended that people, who plan on using it for weight loss, consult with a doctor and have their health assessed before they try it.

Will Duromine show as a positive result in a drug test?

Occasional or scheduled drug tests that people take at their work places or as a police check can aim detection of various substances, including amphetamines/methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, nicotine and alcohol. Due to the fact that the active substance of Duromine, Phentermine by its structure is similar to the amphetamines group, it may provide false-positive result for amphetamines.

However, you can solve the problem of being fined or fired because of such false-positive results, if you have your prescription for Duromine with you, and ask for a more accurate examination. Cheap drug tests are not very accurate, so further analyses of your sample (urine, saliva, blood) in a professional laboratory through Gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry test method will show that you test negative for amphetamines.

If you know for sure that you did not take any other substances besides the Duromine drug, you can demand a re-testing and prove that you are not taking any narcotic drugs.

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