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  1. April
    :LLL:LLL:LLL got it in my schedule for tomorrow. But I love Zumba, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. But i remember times, when i was about to die at the end of every workout, and i was begging that...
  2. SayWhat
    Did you try this? I was working with the girl at the left and almost died. hahaha guess, i won't get up tomorrow. but it feels so good to do something and finish it even with my tongue on my...
  3. April
    just FOUR minutes, guys! So no more excuses =))
  4. Demi_D
    This is sooooo useful for me. Need to try prepping this weekend. Thanks for sharing, April! Guys, does anyone else does the prepping in weekends?
  5. April
    Great success story with Duromine! Thanks for sharing