Duromine and Christmas: to Use or Not to Use?

Christmas holidays is a difficult period for everyone, who watches their weight and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are one of such people, this article was created for you.

We understand that we can easily avoid extremes in food, yet something makes us stay away from our usual weigh in on the morning of January 1st. Even if you don’t get on the scales, extra kilos are often quite obvious on our waist by the end of December.

In Christmas period, we all want magic and we so do not want to think about problems and medicines. But what to do when you have already started a weight loss program and have done a fantastic job during the previous months?

Learn how to save your weight loss plan from crashing.

Duromine for Christmas – give yourself a present

Perhaps, you have long been thinking about starting to use Duromine. Well then, why not make yourself such a Christmas present? After all, Duromine may be the first successful step towards an attractive body or a healthier weight.

Here is what you get when you choose Duromine:

  • Australia’s most effective anti-obesity weapon.
  • Time-tested diet pills with a good safety profile.
  • Visible results that help strengthen healthy habits.
  • The possibility to treat chronic and tenacious obesity.

Each of us can give a couple of tips on how to lose weight, but not everyone can actually do it. Duromine can help those, who want to become healthy and fit.

A beautiful body is the best Christmas gift

This is indeed a great present idea, but you need to be realistic, and you need to prepare for this gift in advance.

If your BMI is 30 or more (obese), and Christmas is 1- 2 months away, hardly Duromine or any other diet pills can help you get into the perfect shape. Most people will need more time to make such a Christmas gift for themselves.

People with a small amount of excess weight, for example, with a BMI of 27, have every chance of achieving a healthy weight level (BMI of 24. 9 is the upper limit of a healthy weight range).

With a height of 165 centimeters, you need to lose about 6 kilograms. From the yellow zone (BMI 25.0-29.9), you will move into the healthy green zone (BMI 18.5-24.9). Moving towards the center of the green zone is a good next goal.

Did it ever happen to you that you could not fit into your favorite dress, and simply sit there, half naked, on the floor, and desperately looking at your wardrobe? If the answer is “yes”, start the weight loss campaign and improve your waist-to-hip ratio in advance, before Christmas and the summer holidays period.

Is it worth starting to use Duromine during the Christmas period?

It’s easier to lose weight in summer than in winter.

  • Heat usually lowers your appetite
  • Body understands that it needs fewer calories

However, not all of us manage to do it, because it is difficult to carry out all the steps envisaged by the weight loss program. Everyone knows how easy it is to ditch the diet under the onslaught of delicious goodies.

What to do? Maybe consider abandoning traditions and celebrations?

This is clearly a bad idea!

You can start using Duromine at Christmas, why not. The list of its contraindications does not include “Celebrating Christmas”.

What happens if you start using Duromine on Christmas Day? Well… many scenarios are possible. However, if Duromine does not help you lose weight during the feast, but helps you maintain it instead – it is already a great result.

Christmas is an incredibly wonderful season. Duromine is a credible anti-obesity drug. Forget the season! Start losing weight right now.

Christmas: should I stop or continue using Duromine?

December and January are the months of the highest consumption of alcohol in Australia and in many other countries of the world. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the seasonal holidays and the summer, but not if you use Duromine.

You probably know already that you should avoid alcohol while taking this medicine. Alcohol can enhance side effects from the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

The solution may seem obvious – you do not take Duromine in the morning, if you plan to have a drink during the celebration. Things are not that simple, though.

Surveys show that most Australians have a drink once a week, and this rate goes up to three times a week during the holiday season. If you skip 3 diet pills per week for several weeks, your weight loss program may be on the verge of collapse.

Besides the fact that alcohol and Duromine are contraindicated for joint use, alcohol is very harmful for your metabolism and shapes. As a rule, when you skip these weight loss pills, your appetite may return. Top it off with the ability of alcohol to increase the appetite, despite being very rich in calories.

Abstaining from alcohol is not the worst idea.

If you stop taking Duromine on Christmas Day because of alcohol, weeks and months of weight loss efforts may be in vain. If you assume that you can control your appetite without Duromine, think again, weigh the pros and cons.

How not to gain weight during Christmas?

For many people, a series of feasts cause conflicting feelings. Fun during the holidays and horror when getting on the scales after they end. Let’s think about how to get rid of the second feeling without reducing the first one.

Here are some ideas that might help you out:

  • Start the feast day with a proper breakfast. It maintains the satiety and improves your metabolism.
  • Decide what you are going to eat and how much BEFORE you get to your plate.
  • Get further away from the food and enjoy socializing with friends and family. While you are talking, you are not eating or drinking.
  • Do not start with crackers, bread, and similar snacks. Instead, wait for the main dish – turkey, seafood or chicken.
  • If you are the one to cook the festive meals, you can replace all high-fat meat with cold seafood dish.
  • When you fill your plate, start with the salads. Thus, you will leave less space on the plate and in the stomach for fat rich dishes and dessert.
  • Eat more vegetables. Do not forget to praise the owner of the house if the necessary vegetables were ready for harvesting from his garden by Christmas.
  • If you decide to have some alcohol, do it in a responsible manner and follow the rules of alcohol consumption.
  • Stay active. Play with kids in the family, or take a long walk.
  • Play cricket in the backyard or on the beach while the main course is being preparing.

If you are on a weight loss campaign, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your holidays. However, the gastronomic journey does not have to be endless. Belts should not strain or break from excess alcohol and food.

Celebrating Christmas Outside Australia

If you are using Duromine and plan to visit another country, be sure to bring your doctor’s prescription with you. Baggage may be delayed or lost, so it is better to keep the medicine in your hand luggage.

Take care of that, so that you have enough stock of weight loss pills during the entire travel period. Duromine is not sold in all countries of the world, but if it is available, you will need to get a prescription from a local doctor.

When planning a trip by car, do not forget about the pitfalls. The typical highway road menu is filled with junk food. Foods high in calories and fat are not even near perfect that you should have while spending a long time driving.

Start your vacation without accumulated “excess” baggage. Bring fresh fruits, nuts and dried fruits with you. Avoid grabbing chips, candies and sweets.

Make or buy sandwiches. Choose whole-wheat bread. Opt for healthy fillings, such as:

  • low-fat cheese,
  • vegetables,
  • low-fat ham,
  • chicken breast.

Make sure to grab a salad or your favorite veggies to complement your sandwiches.

Sandwiches are easy to eat in the car. To avoid having the salad fall on your knees, use the mountain bread instead of the usual bread slices. Having your own nice healthy meals on the road helps you save money and reach the next pit stop without fainting.

Bottom line

If you made some small dietary mistakes during the Christmas season, don’t let them discourage you, and don’t give up on your weight loss campaign.

Tell yourself that weight loss is not linear. Yet, self-deception is not an option either. A 3-4 kilogram increase in weight throws you a few weeks back. If it is a kilo or two, you may get rid of them quite quickly.

NeverGiveUp.team wishes you and your families a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you success in every area of your life, including your weight loss journey!

Looking forward to photos of your healthy Christmas feasts, or at least dishes 🙂

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