Can You Take Duromine and Alcohol at The Same Time?

You probably know already that Duromine and alcohol must never be combined.

“Why?” might you ask.

The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time.

Let’s take it easy and start with basics.

Duromine and alcohol action

Duromine is a medication, which stimulates the activity of your central nervous system, while as alcohol inhibits it.

Therefore, you may end up with very low response to Duromine, i.e. nullify its appetite suppressant effect.

Alcohol makes you gain weight

In addition, alcohol on its own may enhance your cravings for junk foods and make you eat huge amounts of food. Besides, alcohol is high in calories, as well, especially if you mix it with sweet drinks.

So, first, taking Duromine and alcohol together interferes with your weight loss program and may reset your results to zero or make you take a few steps back and re-start at where you were 5-7 days ago.

Alcohol consumption may also make your body retain the fluid, and you will have to fight edema, as well.

As scary as the above sounds, it is definitely not the worst scenario possible.

Duromine and alcohol side effects

There is a serious reason why the manufacturers of these weight loss pills warn the users against mixing Duromine and alcohol.

Side effects, which are mentioned in the Information leaflet, which comes with the pills, clearly states that the use of the two substances in question is prohibited.


Because it increases the risk of such severe and dangerous symptoms, as:

  • Chest pain,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Heart attack,
  • Stroke

Now this does sound scary.

Interaction of Duromine and alcohol

Less scary, yet still unpleasant and undesirable, are the symptoms, which, in fact are either enhanced side effects of Duromine or a severe hangover.

Both are possible.

In some sources, you may find information that the consumption of Duromine with alcohol increases the risk of addiction development. But none of these are proven.

Bottom line

Overall, it is not recommended to combine ANY medication and alcohol.

However, many people still do that and claim that they feel great.

Please, keep in mind that all drugs even vitamins affect your liver to a greater or lesser extent.

But we all need to rest and relax at times. So, if you have plans on weekend with your friends & family and you would like to drink ‘a glass of wine’, you’d better skip one or two doses of Duromine before that day.

If you do, and we repeat ourselves, don’t forget that alcohol triggers hunger, and you won’t even notice how you end up snacking on pizza, potato chips, or other junk food you were avoiding all that time.

It’s up to you to decide what is more important – to relax with a glass of wine or to keep your body weight under control all the time, especially during your weight loss journey.

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  1. I’m on day 5, 30mg and last night caught up with a friend. We shared a bottle of bubbly and thankfully there were no consequences at all in terms of how I felt, reacted or ate. This morning my weight was down 600g from yesterday so it didn’t put on any weight either! 🙂

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