Weigh in 31st Jan.

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106.1 Kgs 105 Kgs. >> 105.85 kgs
BF:34.2% - 33.9% >> 34.1%
B Water: 48% - 48.2 % >> 48.1%
BF Weight : 36.3kgs - 35.6kgs >> 36.1kgs
Bone Mass: 8.5% - 8.4% >> 8.4%

Ahhhh i was really hoping to be under the 105s this week, BUGGER, So what happened.. well this week with work i've had nothing but night shifts, 12 hr shifts, so working all night and sleeping during the day, so i didnt take any duro at all, as it seemed counter productive. My food was average but and my hunger was ok, managed a couple runs in there aswell but nothing too crazy. New Month of Feb coming up, the wifey and I have a lil weekend escape planned then looking to hook into Feb with meal preps and training together.
Hope you're all doing awesome!
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