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I have always struggled with my weight and not liking how I look. My weight has bounced up and down as a result, lowest adult weight was 58kg and highest adult weight I think was about 120kg (I don’t know for sure as was hospitalised towards the end of my pregnancy). I gained just over 40kg when pregnant with my (now 7mth old twins) and after they were born I dropped down to 98kg pretty quickly and expected the scales would just keep going down... and they didn’t... infact they went up little by little until Thursday morning when they hit 106kg. I kept trying to eat healthy / small portions, I would start a new diet / being healthy refime every few weeks and a few days in I would get so hungry or be so overcome with cravings that I would fall off the wagon. The super frustrating thing for me is that I know how to eat healthy, I know how to lose weight, I’ve had no problems doing it before but suddenly I can’t do it!?!? I spoke to my gp who was amazing, I had done some research prior to my appt and knew I wanted to ask for Duromine but wasn’t sure her take on it. Luckily for me when I discussed my weight struggles and my main issue ( huge appetite and bad food cravings) she suggested Duromine.

Yesterday was day 1 on it, took it at 6am (when I normally get up), I felt calm and in control and really positive as I now had a plan and was going to be able to tackle this weight once and for all. A few hours after taking it I definitely felt a buzz not like a ‘high’ but an extra little amount of energy, improved focus and improved productivity. I also noticed my appetite decrease around lunchtime, it was a strange sensation of feeling like I should have food but not actually being hungry and then when I got interrupted while eating lunch it didn’t bother me that I had to stop eating and get back to a task at work. I did have a headache by the end of the day (this could be bit of a caffeine withdrawal as I would drink 5 or so cans of Coke Zero a day and read to decrease caffeine with Duromine so cut it to 2 cans), I didn’t have the best sleep but I can’t entirely attribute it to Duromine as I sleep in the room with my babies so often stay in really light sleep anyway.

Day 2 today and I lost 1.1kg overnight which definitely perked me up. I also felt more motivated and so had a really positive productive day which was lovely. Since having the twins and then going back to work 3 days a week 2 months ago I constantly feel tired and like everything’s a bit too hard come the weekend and all I want to do is lie around. This morning after giving kids their bottle I felt inspired to go for a walk with them.

I have 3 mth prescription and my plan to make the most out of this is:
- dramatically cut down portion sizes / calorie intake (was probably having 3000+ in a day) aiming for 1200 a day now
- make good food choices to reset my habits (no junk food, takeaways for a little while)
- follow a low carb lifestyle
- start exercising
- start getting more incidental movement into my day (ie walking to shops not driving)

I would love to lose 15kg in the 3 months, anything over that is a bonus. Most important thing for me though is setting up a healthy lifestyle that I can easily follow once I no longer have Duromine.
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