How i have gone on duromine

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I started on duromine around October last year, and ended up stopping just before christmas time in December, I started at 81kgs, and went down to 72kgs, so a weight loss of 9kgs!
I had not reached my goal of 55kgs, but because of christmas and new years, i wanted a break from the tablets

I was spose to only have a 2week gap, but instead, i only started back three weeks ago!!!!!!!
So i had almost three months of the tablets, not only that i went back to drinking as much as i used to, and eating as bad as i used, large meals from kfc or things like that
So when i went to start back on duromine, i was expecting to honestly see 81kgs again, but i was only 74kgs!!!
So to only gain 2kgs, in three months from eating soooooooooo bad and doing no excersise was a massive surpise!!

Anyway, i started three weeks ago at 74kgs, i am now 64kgs!
I guess i see my body is smaller, but i dont see a huge difference in the 10kgs in 3weeks to be honest!!!
But i do however, see a massive difference in all of my jeans, they are all a size 10 and now they are all baggy on me!!

My goal weight is 55kgs, and im 172cm tall

To be honest, the first 1-4days of taking duromine are horrible you feel like your on drugs, and your either not hungry or you are hungry and when you go to eat, you cant!!! so its like your body is saying your hungry yet your not!! its weird

You always got a dry thoat!!! I have read alot of people get headaces, but i was lucky with that part and didnt get any!!

Honestly duromine has changed my life, there is no way i would have gone from 81kgs, down to 64kgs without them!!!!!

So regardless of the bad sign effects i am so glad, i gave them a shot!!!!!!
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