Holiday Break, Xmas, New Years and back at work.

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So I survived the three weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, xmas and new years.
For the holiday period from xmas to new years i didnt end up taking any duro due to the fact i would be consuming alcohol during this time. I was pretty happy with my efforts of not gaining any weight over xmas, however i did gain 1 kg when i jumped on the scales on the 3rd of Jan. (106.5kgs)
Im ok with that result, being my activity level was crazy(no workouts, just lots of work), there where many parties and catch ups with food and whisky aplenty and i did try my best to control and limit my intakes.
Back at work now, new year, and ready to get back into it.
Hope yall are doing great and had a enjoyable xmas and new years.
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