Got duromine with a BMI of 21: Losing the full-time 5

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Starting/Current weight: 60kg
Goal weight: 55kg
Height: 166cm

Since I left uni and began my big-girl full-time job, I fell prey to the sneaky ‘full-time 5’. Those sneaky few kilos you stack on when you move into a more sedentary way of life.

Over the past two years I have tried everything to lose this weight: nutritionist, F45, F45 twice a day!, intermittent fasting, and lastly, eating a sad sad 500 calories a day.

Naturally the only time I saw any change in weight was when I virtually starved myself for three weeks. However, there was no way it would last.

Feeling sad and frustrated about my unchanging body, (and after doing a fair amount of research), I bravely asked my doctor if I could try a duromine. He agreed.

This week I started my month long course of the 15mg. I’m currently up to day 3.
I haven’t noticed many of the side effects aside from being thirsty, but unfortunately, I’m still getting hungry - no nausea, can eat the same amount as before.

Is this normal? Should I ask for 30mg?

If you’ve taken duromine: how long did it take for the suppressant affects to kick in?
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