Friday 24th Weigh In.

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Last week. - This week.
106.1 Kgs 105 Kgs.
BF:34.2% - 33.9%
B Water: 48% - 48.2 %
BF Weight : 36.3kgs - 35.6kgs
Bone Mass: 8.5% - 8.4%

Overall weight loss for this week 1.1 kgs, I hoping for a loss this week and to get back to my 'lowest' weight as i was around this before Christmas, So its cool to be under that now and feeling like i'm back on track, properly.
The last fortnight felt a little bit like a plateau, So I'm feeling really good about getting past that.
Cool little stat, during December i did a total of 14 kms on the treadmill, where so far in Jan i have completed 31kms, with one week to go. I thought that wasn't too bad an effort. My body is feeling great considering, i do have the standard sore muscles from the running, but there isn't any nerve pain, sciatica, or lower back issues at all! Sooo stoked that this treatment is working and with each little increase in training and exercise my body is appearing to be responding well.
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