Day 7 - weekly review

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End of my first week of Duromine 30mg and I have lost 3.2kilos! As it was my first week my plan was (and I stuck to it) to ‘ease in’ I loosely tracked calories to get around 1200 a day, I upped my incidental exercise and went for a few more walks and was more active in housework.

I drank lots of water and reduced my caffeine intake slightly and did not experience too many side effects. Headache day 1, some difficulty sleeping but can’t solely blame Duromine as have 7month old twins, today I felt a bit cranky and irritable and noticed faster heart rates and some feelings of anxiety however have had a super stressful week at work. I can only speak to my experience but the benefits definitely outweigh the minor side effects.

My plan this week is to add proper exercise in x4 sessions and track calories more closely. I am toying with the idea of having a non duro day tomorrow just to see how it compares. I know that the big loss is an initial thing that won’t be possible to happen every week but I’m hoping to lose another 2kilos in the coming week.
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