Day 5 , 6 & 7

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The last three days have been very busy, wrapping up lots of renovations to get this house rent-able, family dinner, a bush fire emergency and a sick child.
Day 5 was super productive, not PT of any sort but working on the tools form sun up till sun down and my body felt relatively good, little niggles in my right foot as to be expected, we had a family dinner out and id usually go a couple whiskys and a chicken parmigiana, however i rocked a couple diet soft drinks and a chicken Caesar-salad.
Day 6 I woke like usual getting prepped for work when a mate called telling me about a bush fire nere our new home! So i dropped all, cancelled work and flew down there, In all the rush i forgot to take a duro, no biggie i know, but just reporting it in LOL, with some luck on my side our property and surroundings where ok, but it did get close. Thank god for the local fire fighters!
Day 7, I have night shift this evening and some clean up to do around the house, So its up and at-em to get some things wrapped up then down for a sleep before shift. And the weight in for the first week, which seems to have flow by!
Weight in: Started at 113.

Weight: 112.7 kgs 111.05 kgs
Body Fat %: 35.8% 35.4%
Body Water %: 46.8% 47.1%
Body Fat Weight: 40.3 kgs 39.3 kgs
Bone Mass: 8.6 % 8.5 %

So a loss of 2kgs in a week. I'm pretty happy with that.
% fat is down, % water is up and fat weight is down. All good things in my book :)
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