Day 4

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Super busy day at home, we are moving soon and we are renting this place out, so all those lil projects and reno features we didn't get to, we getting too them lol and today was the day. Ripping down old timber frame work, filling n plastering ceiling bits, skirting boards.. Im over skirting boards lol. Didn't stop all day, kicked it off at around 7am n now chilling at 6pm, 10k plus steps n clean food day, loads of water, it was a 30 degree day and the sweat was pouring outa me, right heel is letting me know its there n got a lil hum on, but I'll live, another day of this tomorrow and then back to work for a few days, feeling pretty good overall n can feel the motivation comming back. Hope yall are well and continuing fighting the weight loss battle.
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