Day 10 - weight gain

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I knew that it would be impossible for the scales to just steadily decline since I hit goal weight but I wasn’t expecting a slow / stall quite as quickly. However this has again highlighted how obsessed I am with the wrong things (number on a scale), I know logically I’m eating at a sufficient deficit to lose weight but not so low cals that my body goes into shock and holds on tight to the weight however the panic that takes over when you see scales have gone up is ridiculous. It’s also amazing that my first thought was fuck it go and get maccas for breakfast despite not being actually hungry.

But this is all about breaking bad patterns / habits / associations for me so instead of responding the usual way I went to my Pilates class like planned and ate the food I had originally planned to today. This for me is amazing progress. I also realised later in the day that I started my period today and haven’t pooped for a few days both possible explanations for the 200g increase on scale.

I am so grateful for Duromine and also the strict 3 months at a time rule I have heard gps follow. My usual pattern is I lose a bit of weight then stall / gain and then suddenly all willpower is lost and I will go and eat junk food which just continues to move scales upwards I tell myself I will start again in a few days / week and then the cycle continues. Because I know I have a finite period on Duromine and I have to make those healthy lifestyle changes now I don’t want to waste a day. It really is helping me break some mental barriers.

Fingers crossed I am rewarded with a drop on the scale tomorrow but I know even if that isn’t the case I still need to persevere!
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