Day 10 - Feeling great!

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I think I've stuffed my numbers up by a day, but oh well, its close enough haha.
So yesterday, I managed to get to the gym for my lunch break and knock down a 2.6k run, which I'm super happy about, my body is feeling really good considering, I've completed the loading doses (1 injection per week for 5 weeks) of my treatment so my current state of physicality (like symptom effects etc) is going to be as good as it gets, and I'm very happy where I am at. Recap; I did 3 little runs last week, then had 4 pretty labour intensive reno days and then after that (yesterdays) a run which was double the distance of last weeks.Usually i would have pulled up lame, sore lower back, hips / pelvis and sciatica pain but thus far, each morning I've been waking up feeling fine!
I'm going to try and run every day I am at work (goal is doing a 5k) and the treadmill is packed up already at the new place, but soon to be dusted off once we move. My right foot is sore, but no where near what it used to be, during the day time its really good and only once i stop at the end of the day does it kick in.
The duro has been a great help in kicking starting this round of weight loss, The hunger suppression is still working great, and I do enjoy that heated feeling I get when working out, i feel it helps me maintain a focus on being aware food / hunger and energy levels.
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