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    Hey guys I’ve recently started 30mg again. I have around 10 kilos to lose.
    For my height I am overweight so my doctor gave this to me to kickstart as I have a pretty decent healthy diet & exercise regime.

    last time I used it I could sleep wonderfully & all was great but this time I’m up all night.
    Even taking it at 5-6am. It’s causing me extreme anxiety and stress not sleeping. I try and be as active as I can maybe I need to exercise more?

    I’m thinking of taking it every 2nd or 3rd day because I need my sleep & it also makes me snappy. Does anyone have experience with doing that? I’m not worried about slow weight loss as I’d prefer it that way. I’ve already lost 1 kilo in the last 3 days of taking it everyday.
    I want to use this as a tool in a sensible way and not as a quick fix as I really want this to be the last time I have to lose weight I want to keep it off for good.
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