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    Hello everyone

    I’ve just started on 15mgs and on my 4th day.

    First two days definitely felt a little of that duromine buzz (actually felt slightly high at one point hahaha) but not so much now but I am a little lost and confused. My main questions are:

    - should duromine completely stop my appetite (first two days didn’t really feel hungry but I now have hunger back but not constantly thinking about food)

    - how much should I be eating (past few days I have purposely tried to eat less but now I don’t know what to do)

    - I feel absolutely exhausted (this is probably because I’m not sleeping well and eating 800-1000 calories a day, kind of obvious as to why I am exhausted ha)

    I’m just so scared of this not working when I feel it is my last resort.

    Any advice or personal experiences would be appreciated.
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    It should stop you feeling hungry. Sometimes however it can take a while to build up in your system, so I would keep taking it for at least a week to 10 days. If you are still feeling hunger, I would head to your GP and see if he can switch you to the 30mg.

    Ok I don't know what you weigh or how tall you are, so a little hard to help out in this regard. That being said the recommended dietary intake for women wanting to lose weight is 1200 calories. Quite a few of us aim for 1000 for a quicker weight loss. Just remember also that if you are exercising you are going to need more fuel for your body :)

    I would look at joining either My Fitness Pal or Lose It - both have free options and free apps that you can put on your phone. It's a great way of keeping note of what you are eating. Make sure you put in every single thing - both food and drinks. When I started doing this I was really surprised to see what my total caloric intake was!

    Insomnia is one of those dreaded side effects. Generally it will settle in a couple of weeks. You can try epsom salt baths or lavender oil on a tissue under your pillowcase. You could see if taking your tablet earlier makes a difference. You could try exercising late afternoon to physically tire your body out hopefully letting you drop off to sleep easier.

    You can do this!

    For me personally I started a thread over in the "my experience with Duromine" section. I journal nearly every day and that really helps hold me accountable.

    I hope the above has helped, but if you are unsure on anything - just give another shout out ;)
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