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  1. Last weekend I took my first Duromine tablet and didn't like how it made me feel (tingles around mouth, sick, spacey head and woke during the night and couldnt sleep for 4hours) so I stopped taking after the one pill. I decided after reading a little bit more on side effects and how most people on Duromine had their side effects leave after a few days, so I took first pill (second time around) yesterday. I felt a little funny in the head (spacey) and felt sick on and off (woke for a very sort period last night) but that was it, compared to the weekend before, it was nothing. Last weekend when I took the very first pill, I wasn't hungry at all, the thought of food made me want to be sick BUT this time around, it hasn't had that effect on me at all, feel just as hungry. Today is the second day and I took the pill at 6am, its now 11am and I've eaten and want more. I feel a little ill and my heads a little weird but thats it.

    I wonder why it has taken a different effect on my this time around. It had been a week since I took the very first pill.

    Looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of the day and the week ahead.

    Melb AUST
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  2. Neny

    Neny Guest

    Hi Rainpoobright,

    My story is similar, I had my 1st yesterday and it was pretty full on...exactly the same side effects as you except I never really felt sick. I got only 4 hours sleep last night but today I feel nowhere near as bad but still very slightly buzzy aswell as very slightly dry mouth - nothing like yesterday so I'm hoping it stays this way and I can get more sleep.

    Not sure why you are hungry though 2nd time around, I'm eating but very little just so I can keep my metabolism running etc. Like I am doing, I would keep it up for atleast a week and then make an opinion if you want to stay on it or not. Don't keep going off and on. I hope to be only on it for a month or 2. What mg are you taking? I'm on 40mg.
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  3. Thanks for your reply.

    If I don't stay on it this time then I am not going back on at all.

    I am on 30mgs only for 1 month, just to kick start as I need a good kick :p

    I have had a dry mouth throughout the day and a little not right in the head. I ate yogurt and bran today and just ate pasta and chicken (all that was on the house) and after eating it, I feel really sick, like I want to vomit. I haven't really thought too much about food throughout the day but the feeling isn't the same as the day I took it last weekend.

    How are you feeling now?
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  4. Neny

    Neny Guest

    Yeh 1 month is enough for me if it's like this the whole time and even then it's going to be a bit of a struggle. My eyes are slightly sore now cos I need more sleep. Still slightly feeling not right in the head aswell. My stomach rumbled before cos it's hungry but I don't feel the need to eat but I'm going to have dinner after my half hour walk so it stops.

    I don't want to go off it purely because I don't want to end up like yourself and others having to start over with all the side effects worsened. I'm going to try so hard to stay on it. I'm not even sure if you can drink alcohol while being on it - I hope so cos my Sis is visiting next week and I know we'll have a few of a night time. What do you think about that?

    Are you going to stick it out a bit longer? Just make an opinion day by day I think. My friend told me that I could take a sleeping tablet (like a natural one or not an overly strong one) to help with the sleep if it doesn't get better.
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  5. Hi :)
    I was told not to drink any alcohol whatsoever by my Dr, but I'm not sure if that applies to everyone? I just assumed it was.
    I felt sick for the first week, just over the nausea now (day 9), but still feel messed up in my head, light headed sort of thing. I'm hoping to be on this for 2 months if I can handle it, but I don't know if I'd do it again. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the weight off! I've already lost 2 kg's.
    Good luck you guys, hope you don't mind me posting on your thread, no-one else seems to post and I was starting to feel a bit alone!
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  6. I have a very dry mouth tonight other than that, I'm feeling almost normal.

    I did wonder about the alcohol, I am not sure, I don't recall reading it in the little book it came with.. DO a search for it. I would gather you wouldn't be able to like lots of meds.

    I'm just going to take day by day at this stage. I was only awake for a sort period last night but its such a weird feeling when I wake up, my eyes just open very fast like I've woken to a massive scary noise. The 1st time I took it and woke for 4 hours, I went back to sleep but woke up fine.
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  7. Hi fingerscrosseditworks4me,

    Thanks for your reply and feel free to continue to share what you are going through.. I feel lots better talking out loud about whats going on..

    2 kgs is great in that time... I cross my fingers I notice something soon
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  8. Where are we all from anyway?

    I'm Melbourne
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  9. Thanks so much Rainpoobright! It definitely does help, I was sort of quietly freaking out, but I really want to stick to this - I just want it to be worthwhile :)
    Fingers crossed for you too!
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  10. Yeah I was freaking out last Sunday when I took the very 1st pill, I think I made myself worse too by freaking out
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  11. Day 3 and i feel like SHIT!

    I had very broken sleep but not overly tired today.. I am feel very ill and during the morning I thought i would have to run and throw up.

    Dragging myself to the gym...
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  12. Neny

    Neny Guest

    Hi, I have 2 write of an evening now. Bloody work has blocked this site. I'm in WA. Feeling better again 2day but it is early! Report later. Ofcourse join our convo fingerscrosseditworks4me! It really helps me 2 talk about all this.
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  13. Neny

    Neny Guest

    we can all private msg & include our emails ;)
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  14. Bloody work! :p

    Yeah it helps alot to talk about it with people here as I am not into telling people outside I am on it and I don't know anyone who is on it.

    Went to the gym and almost killed myself but am feeling somewhat normal this arvo (with a little illness and body feeling jumpy here and there). I ate at lunch but could have gone without it but my stomach was making enough noise for you to hear in WA :p

    I think about food and how I could go eat something yet I just couldn't be bothered doing so (I gather this is what the drug is going to be like in my case).

    Looking forward to sleep tonight though. :laughing:
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  15. Neny

    Neny Guest

    I totally agree that me being so anxious and nervous before I took the 1st tablet had an effect cos day 1 was out of control.

    Today is going ok so far, the only things that are still bothering me is the dry mouth and not enough sleep. I had 5 hours last night rather than 4 the 1st nite. Hopefully it's better again tonite. I was just chatting to a friend who is also on it and she's halfway through month 2. She wreckons that after a week her and her friends sleeping patterns went back to reasonably normal. She still has the water on hand though. I chew gum aswell - that helps.

    I still haven't felt any nausea luckily. My energy though I think is diminishing - well compared to the 1st nite anyway walking home last nite was a bit harder esp on my breath - dry mouth etc.

    Will continue it anyway though. Think I'll test the alcohol theory this w/end and see how I go, won't get sloshed but def just a few. Will let u know how that experience goes.

    Hope I sleep better 2nite too - my body needs rest.
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  16. Still feeling ill but seem to be ok.. Its worse when I'm out doing things then just relaxing at home...

    I do hope we both sleep alot better tonight.

    Here comes day four.... Crossed fingers
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  17. Neny

    Neny Guest

    Well I had 2 beers last night and I seemed to get off to sleep early but I woke up at 12PM for a few hours before I got maybe 1-2 hours more before I had to get up for work. Really hope after a week my sleep goes back to normal otherwise I really think I'll have to find some sort of natural sleeping tab.

    Day 4 I feel fine, not much of a dry mouth compared to the last few days aswell. It's just my sleep now that's concerning me. How is everyone else going?
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  18. Day 4...

    I slept not bad last night. I woke for about 2mins and then went back and didn't wake till the alarm to take the pill went off at 5am.

    Morning was fine BUT this arvo I feel like shit. I forced myself to eat even know I could have gone without it. I'm thinking about food but that desire to go get it just isn't there and when I do eat, I feel like shit.

    I'm really tired this arvo... I do hope like you, it all settles soon...
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  19. Hi you guys, I've had so much trouble trying to log in here, sorry I hadn't written back.
    I'm feeling OK, not really much energy to speak of, but my head is climbing mountains, white water rafting, running marathons and all kinds of things if you know what I mean!!!
    I'm getting a bit of anxiety here and there, and am forcing myself to keep going out although it's freaking me out a bit!
    I've been using the Nintendo Wii Fit quite a lot, hopefully I've been burning some extra calories there...

    I'm from Wollongong :)
    Thanks for posting you guys, like we've all said, it's so nice to not be alone!!!

    Rain :)
    #19 Oct 20, 2010

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